A Planned History

Launched in 2005, and re-booted in 2014, Quality & Reliability Solutions LLC is a small business that thrives on helping organizations improve their performance and increase profits. We help organizations formulate a defined, well balanced, cost effective, profit making, customer focused management system. Our team brings a broad range of skills, knowledge, strengths, and experience to the table — allowing us to be thorough and incredibly good at helping you and your organization improve its sytems, processes, products, services, and solutions.

Reliable & Experienced 

Having worked with numerous commecial companies, defense, and government agencies, our portfolio is a mix of large, medium, and small organizations. From family run small businesses, to large companies with thousands of employees, our reliable and experienced personnel deliver in any business environment.  We specialize in a wide array of certified management systems, business/management frameworks, and continual improvement methodologies tailored to meet your competitve business needs. Our staff brings more than:

  • 25 years of Quality Management
  • 25 years of Project Management
  • 20 years of Management System Auditing
  • 20 years of Relibility Engineering
  • 20 years of Software Quality Engineering
  • 15 years of Information Security Management
  • 15 years of Information Technology Management 
  • 10 years of Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt performance improvements